Black Embroidered Floral Nighty Dress


    A comfort wear which is so versatile that once you slip into it, you can simply live in it. Whether it is a lazy day at home or attending to your friends dropping in all of a sudden, whether lounging around at a resort on a holiday or sleeping snug and comfy at night, this cushy and commodius Nighty Dress is a cross between a Nighty and a Dress. Wear it wherever and however you like it. Because it is you who dictates your fashion and you know what is the best for you when it comes to being the independent strong woman that you are who is a trendsetter!

    Fashion Tip: Pair this Kaftan with oir matching floral oversized cape to add more versatility to the apparel.

    Colour: Black base with multicoloured florals
    Fabric: Slub Cotton & 60s Soft Cotton
    Highlight: Applique Embroidery
    Style: Front V neck with long sleeves.This is an anti fit piece of garment that can work as a striking semi casual day wear or a comfortable nightwear. All you need to do is style it up with accessories or style ot down to get the look you want.

    This product can be customised. Please fill the customisation form while placing your order.

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