Kaahi - Pine Green Mul Cotton Nandana Saree

    Rs.3,200 Rs.4,200

    Featured Nandana block print soft and lightweight Mul Cotton Saree is a perfect drape for keeping at ease throughout the day at work or at home.Nandna Block Printing technique is more than 300 years old art that was practised in Tarapur District of Madhya Pradesh. This beautiful art got dwindled gradually. Revival of this beautiful technique of printing that involves usage of purely vegetable dyes and blocks or bootas that have names as gorgeous as they look, has made these prints a sought after possession by the connoisseurs of tasteful dressing. “Naandna” derives its name from “Naand” which means a huge earthen pot, which is used to prepare the organic dyes for colouring the fabric. The bootas have names like ” Champakali”, “Dholamaru”, “Mirchiboota” and are very specific to this style of block printing.
    A halter neck mismatched blouse from our collection can elevate your elegance quotient by several notches.


    Kaahi - Pine Green Mul Cotton Nandana Saree. There May Be Slight Irregularities In The Print Of These Products As These Are Handmade.Those Irregularities Therefore Add To The Beauty Of The Product And Are A sign Of its Authenticity.

    There May Be Slight Variation In The Actual Colour Of The Product Which Occurs Due To Lighting Conditions,During The Shoots

    Most of our products are hand dyed,hand printed.Therefore,colors may bleed in initial washes.We recommend dry washing/cleaning them and ironing without steam.You may hand wash them separately with caution.

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