Kashish -Hand Block Print Embroidered Cotton Saree

    Rs.3,200 Rs.3,850

    Indradhanush or the Rainbow is a riot of colours. We have chosen this name for this vibrant collection of Mul Cotton Indigo Bagru block print Sarees because they are quite a reflection of the resplendent Rainbow. Each Saree in the collection is dyed and printed with the natural Indigo which is as soothing and pure as the skies and as real as the earth. The Indradhanush is depicted in these Sarees just like it kisses the earth running through the skies Embellished with vivacious coloured patchwork embroidery motifs these Sarees transcend you into the fairytale world of Rainbows and the flowers and the butterflies. As soothing as they are to the eyes, they are equally soft and breathable for your body. Lightweighted, the Indradhanush Sarees are easy to drape for any occasion be it a kitty party, a formal lunch or a meeting - virtual or real. All you have to do is accessize it some peppy Afghani colourful jewelry for the festive look or with oxidized metal jewelry for the office wear look. And if you are blessed with long hair, do not forget to tuck in a few flowers in your hair to complete the look.

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