Mahisha - Emerald Green Black Paisley Bagh Block Print Tussar Silk Saree


    The beauty of centuries old Bagh block prints from Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh is unparalleled. This ages old technique started by the Khatri community has some very peculiar processes involved in the technique which make this art form unique. The very reason that this belt situated on the banks of river Bagh developed as the hub of this style of printing is that the water from the river Bagh had those chemical properties that enhanced the sheen and the colours of the natural, vegetable or organic dyes used originally for the prints. Flowing water is a must for this technique and the river provides the abundance that otherwise was scarce in the region. Tamarind seeds are ised to make the paste of colour dyes. The other interesting ingredients used in multiple processes are the flowers of “Dhawadi” or “”Dhawda”” that are used along with alizarin in boiling to fix colours. Also, goat feces or droppings are used in the process. The natural Black in Bagh prints comes from rusted iron nails or scrap mixed with Jaggery. Red is made from alum roots. Other colours like Indigo, Khaki, Yellow etc are made using Infogo leaves, Dhawdi flowers and “Anar Chhilka” or Pomegranate rind. With the passage of time chemical dyes too have started to be used in this printing process to add variety of colours on demand.

    Colour: Maroon and Off White
    Fabric: Handloom Soft Tussar Silk
    Craft: Handweave @ Hand block print
    Length: 6.5 mtrs including Blouse piece
    Width: 46 inches approx.

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