Orange Embroidered Long Sleeves Cotton Nighty Kaftan


    Featuring Orange Velvet Cutwork Embroidery  Cotton Kaftan Nighty.

    Slip into our comfort wear and say goodbye to a hectic day with ease. Imagine lounging on your sofa at the end of the day, after finishing all your errands and work from home duties. Apart from a steaming hot cup of coffee, all you need is comfortable nightwear you can slip in before you curl up and start watching your latest favourite on TV, or maybe get busy with a book. Also, whether it us stepping out to attend to errands or entertaining guests sudden and unannounced guests, is surely what you can do while you are dressed in our luxury Kaftan Nighties because these are not just Nighties but a notch above.
    Our cozy and gorgeous Kaftans style Nighties in authentic hand block prints and breathable cotton fabric are certainly a dream come true for a stylish and perfect woman like you.

    Colour : Orange, Pink
    Fabric:  Cotton
    Style: A line with three fourth sleeves and side pocket. (sleeve and garment length can be customized)

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