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Who we are

The Saffron Saga was the dream of three women from different professions, who had a passion to promote Indian craftsmanship across the world. Sindhu, Anjana, Nirupama, left their respective jobs and took a plunge to give shape to their imagination. Thus was born The Saffron Saga.
Sindhu D’Souza a Textile Designer by qualification, has worked for over 15 years in the segment. She has been closely associated with the weavers, hand printers and design expert during her sojourn.
Anjana Bhamra an active Rotarian and former corporate executive has a passion for achieving her goals. She has a good 10 plus years behind her as a profession.
Nirupama Singh Sharma, with her 18 plus years of experience in marketing, PR, sales, advertising and HR has had never dyeing passion for Indian hand craft. She is a connoisseur of hand weavers, hand block prints and other handmade products.
Our uniqueness lies in our simplistic designs, comfortable fits and quality of our products. Our seamless blending of the traditional with contemporary styles is also one of the reasons why we are liked by our customers. With our quick shipping, cash on delivery and easy return policies we are very fast being recognized in the online shopping world and website.
In The Saffron Saga we believe going all out to showcase the Indian traditional printing techniques, weavers and other hand crafts by merging it with the modern and contemporary, giving our products a new dimension.
We believe in empowering women along with those craftsmen whose art is gradually getting extinct. Hence, our focus is on employing more and more women in our organization and crafting primarily products that are made of handmade raw materials.
We have very friendly and warm culture at The Saffron Saga. We care for our customers as our extended family.


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The Team

Sindhu Nolasco Dsouza

Anjana Chouhan Bhamra

Nirupama Singh Sharma

Upasana Washimkar
Executive Manager