A Saree without the right Blouse is like a cake without a cherry!

    Bold, Mismatched, Crop Top Style, Shirt Style and a lot many more styles of blouses! There is a blouse out there to suit every woman’s body type, taste and style.

    There are a few pointers to keep in mind while you go for a trendy blouse to mismatch with your saree:

    1. Comfort comes first : So in a race to follow a trend or style, do not pick up a style like a halter neck, backless, high neck, sleeveless or any other style that you do not feel confident about. Comfort comes with confidence. If you are confident about a style, you will carry it off most comfortably with ease.

    2. There is a difference between the fit and cut of a traditional body fit blouse and the trendy crop top style or a shirt style blouse. The latter is with a comfort fit and not body hugging. The idea behind wearing these blouses is to breathe easy and carry a saree for longer hours with absolute comfort.

    3. Try to select the print, colour and style of a blouse for your saree which compliments the saree and vice versa. Not necessarily it should be an exact match or mismatch with your saree. Just an added touch of beauty to accentuate your Saree.

    4. Block printed fabric Blouses are not just very much in vogue but also have a touch of class in them. When accentuated with slight embroidery, contrast borders etc. they further look more enhanced and can be very attractive and striking to go with your Saree.

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