Awesome Ajrakh

    Just because you opt for a traditional weave does not mean that you cannot make them contemporary! The Saffron Saga’s new line of Ajrakh or Ajrak Sarees and Unstitched Suit Sets embody that spirit of versatility and uniqueness, because after all everone loves wearing something that makes them stand out. Our latest collection features Cotton Silk Sarees and Suit Sets where the artisans have used especially crafted blocks such that the prints stand out, making you the cynosure of all eyes.

    The prints are contemporary but the technique is traditional Ajrakh. Usually Ajrakh block prints are identified with geometric patterns. You might also recall that they are usually found in hues of dark blue and a mix of maroon. However, our new collection has a brand new spin on that!

    Hence, you can expect to see medium-sized motifs inspired by the flora and fauna in attention-grabbing colours like blue, rusty brown and dark orange. The dyes used are organic like Indigo and Madder, all of the azo-free, hence no irritation for the skin. Also, look out for the pictures on our website for details.

    The fabric is such that the Sarees can be draped in various ways easily and here are a few ways you can do it:

    -From pallu in the front, to using a belt with modern boots and dressing it around your neck like a dupatta, you can try various things. What can really set it apart, is if you choose to use a belt at the waist.

    -Of course, you can wear it with a jacket and shrug too!

    -With these sarees the draping options are rather unlimited. We suggest that you choose a monochrome blouse, tailored to the style that you want. Keep it fitted, so the attention is not taken away from the gorgeous prints and the fashionable way have chosen to drape it.

    -Keep the accessories minimal too, and pay close attention to the footwear and voila, you are ready to steal the show ladies!

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