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    Simply saying the word nightwear out loud instantly brings an image of something comfortable, extremely soft and very roomy in one’s mind. The garment to sleep in is not just that anymore. It refers to something that can be slipped on in a jiffy, makes one feel relaxed and also speaks of carrying forward new norms in the world of fashion.

    Sparkle when you sleep is the new age mantra. The most commonly worn nighties or nightgowns seem to have seen the light of day in ancient Victorian times. The shapeless roomy shift like dresses have been around since times immemorial and have worked well for both the sexes.

    Audrey Hepburn once said, “Life is a party, dress like it.” Whether one is attending an event, going out for a dinner party, enjoying a long walk or simply sleeping in one’s bed, our attire speaks about us and who we are. 

    Numerous styles of nightwear have evolved over the ages. Simple or frilly, dainty or enormous, they need to ensure a good night’s sleep. We have these cover-ups with interesting avatars called out by many names as nightgowns, pajamas, negligees, pajama suits, onesies, babydolls, nightsuits, shorts with t-shirts, peignoirs and kaftans.

    These garments make use of different fabrics in accordance to the seasons. Hot summers bring about a keen love for the cool comfort of soft cottons and mulmuls whilst cold winters witness an increase in garments made from wools, silks, satins, fleeces and thick cottons.

    Comfort being the key word here, people now enjoy indulging in snug and cosy nightwear. One can just lounge about in these informal garments or just take a quick walk around the block while running a couple of chores. The whole ballgame of nightwear is now evolving into a new form of fashion wear in itself. It shouldn’t give an air of being dowdy but have elements that suggest comfort amalgamated with a flair of zing and chic at the same time. Even Heidi Klum admits to having a whole army of pajamas. 

    Indeed! One can ooze elegance, grace and charm even in one’s night clothes! Our super talented and bankable designer duo at the Saffron Saga have these sure-fire winning designs to make this fantasy come to life. They have transformed beautiful exquisite handlooms and block prints into chic, elegant and graceful designs to chill and hang out in. 

    Being remembered for your lounging and nightwear style is a dream that is now possible with these works of art. Soft pinks, cool indigos, flowing kaftans making you look like a vision. Roomy pockets in nighties for your knick-knacks and keep-safes make these both elegant and functional.

    Pajama sets and night suits in dainty Bagh prints, blues, tangerines, teals and yellows in Batiks and Bagrus, Ikkat and Kalamkari with interesting necklines and sleeves bring to life your inner goddess and spell out a golden era of luxury, comfort, dignity and delight. The perfect power-up at any time of the day brings one into a state of instant bliss.

    This delightful nightwear collection is a pick-me-up for sure as I sign off with these words that have been heard many-a-times, “Always wear pretty pajamas to bed. You never know who you will meet in your dreams.”

    Writer: Gitanjali Sehgal

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