Kusumkali: Floral Fantasies

    B/L: Gitanjali Sehgal

    Amidst the vast landscape overlooking the horizon, even the tiniest flower brings about immense exuberance, enchantment, delight and wonder. It may be coy and bashful giving out a shy and timid vibe or may just be simply intense and rambunctious calling out loud awakening your senses.

    It was just yesterday, flipping an old album and seeing the elegantly dressed ladies posing with their million dollar smiles for that Kodak moment. Imagine your grannies; the stoic nature, the calm demeanour and years of wisdom in those ever smiling eyes. Their arms a safe haven for all the naughty pranksters around. Wafting fragrances of the delicacies they would rustle up in a jiffy making us nostalgic and wanting to head back home.

    Fashionistas on their own terms, their sarees traditional with hand woven fabrics, weaves, prints and designs. The drapes were quintessential showcasing their essence and day to day lives. The humble petticoattoo was not a mute spectator to the saree.At times, the petticoat had interesting prints standing out even when the saree was worn. At others, the fabric it was made off was in sharp contrast to the saree itself. Many a times it was a comfortable skirt type of petticoat adorned with a pallu similar to the half saree style favoured down south.

    The talented duo of The Saffron Saga have seamlessly blended the fragrance of flowers with traditional forms of the petticoat and sheer eternal love of the saree with this exquisite Kusumkali collection. You will find blooms beckoning out playing peek-a-boo under the swirl of

    the regal Chanderis. The riot of colours in fuchsias, sage greens, mesmerising shades of azure and bluesexhibit their splendour while one daydreams and envisions oneself adorning one of these magnificent contemporary yet traditional beauties.

    One at a time, slowly and steadily, delicate stitches embroider up a floral extravaganza to assail your senses. The royal block prints with vibrant contrasts set the tone to be engulfed in a vision of lotuses, daisies, peonies, chrysanthemums and blossoms on the elegant kurta and palazzo sets. Comfort, elegance and charm the true trademarks of the brand.

    The Saffron Saga works in tandem with the weavers of the Bunkar Cluster of Varaseoni, Balaghat empowering them and improvising their skills and designs relevant to the times of today.The magic created by this very cotton-silk also known as Chanderi woven by the weavers of Balaghat stand ready to cast a spell in these festive times.

    Radiating happiness and joy, excited and eager about all the celebrations ahead, with the ethereal Kusumkali collection by our sides, an old Irish Blessing strikes a note, “May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade your every step along the way. May a rainbow run besides you in a sky that’s always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.”

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