Style Guide for Durgo Pujo


    If your heart rate is not standard and you can not keep calm because it is finally the season of Durgo Pujo, Girl! We feel you. Durgo Pujo, indeed a festival of feeling the Ma’s blessing and show her your devotion towards her. This is also that time of the year when you have a list of things to do, and to top that list is to decide what to wear. You do want to turn all heads but not of those pokey aunties who pass the comments like Beta. Isn’t your neckline too deep? Beta, did your tailor forget to add the back to the latest designer blouse? We know; we know it is irritating, and that is why we have a perfect solution for you. Keep reading the blog; we also have some cheesy lines for you that you can use later on your crush; we won’t mind!

    Go Classic, It Is Durgo Pujo:

    Nothing can beat Being Classic. Wear Garad aka Lal-Par Saree. You can never go wrong with that. Style it with a classic 3/4th sleeve blouse and look absolute Gorgeous বাঙালি মেয়ে (Bengali Girl). The beauty of styling a Lal-Par Saree is you really can go from Amara Guriya to Amara Debi. Pair the Saree with a Juda/ bun and classic jewellery just to listen to your father uttering Amara Barira Laksmi, and let your hair open in the air. Your sibling might not say to you, but your Mom will say Amara Guriya.

    I Purple You:

    Purple is the colour of Ashtami, so tell the world that not you but Durgo Ma also loves purple. Wear a purple saree with some matching pure silk blouse to enchant all the Ma’s energy from within. Purple is not a well-known colour worn at Pandal, so you will definitely stand out for Good. The Saffron Saga launched a new collection especially for the occasion on Durgo Pujo named Alpona. This collection has the perfect Designer Purple Saree for you to try out this festival season.

    P.S. Purple also attracts romantic energy, so who knows, next Durgo Pujo, you finally have your desired partner (giggles) 

    Black Beauty:

    This Durgo Pujo, wear a Black Saree with some Red print on it and see how everyone around you is bumping into each other in the Pandal because all eyes are on you. Though Black is associated with evil, no one can deny that the colour Black is the deepest and can make you look very classy. Try wearing Black colour and pair it with some stud earrings with red stone to call it a complete look. Playing with a Black colour on a festival can be tricky but we are here to help. Instead of surfing on Internet for looking the Perfect Black Saree why don’t you have a look at this beautiful BHADRAKALI- BLACK RED HAND BLOCK PRINTED ALPONA MULBERRY SILK SAREE by The Saffron Saga.

    As Pious As Colour White:

    While White is infamous in Indian culture for wearing on unauspicious occasions, no one can deny that White is the most soothing colour and is perfect for any religious event. A pure White Saree with a White puffy sleeved latest designer blouse paired with a long silver necklace, and the first thing your Mom did when she looked at you like this is putting a Nazar ka teeka.

    Oh Red, Burning Red!

    While wearing Red Designer Saree with a classic blouse can be fun but wearing a Green, deep-neck full, sleeves blouse can give every person chills. Imagine looking so hot that everyone around you started feeling chilly; isn’t it so fascinating? And you know what the best part is? While everyone is shaking out of chills, you can skip the queue of Darshan and food stall both (wink)

    Let Everyone Feels The Blues But You:

    Why leave the colour Blue behind? Blue is one of the gorgeous colours available in so many shades that you can never own all the shades of it. Blue is not just everyone’s favourite colour but also a very versatile colour to style. Blue on Blue, Blue with White, Blue with literally with every flush. Pair a Blue Pure Silk Saree with a designer statement blouse, and girl, there will be a fire brigade lining up in the Pandal because you will look Fire!

    Not So Saree:

    Though pure cotton Sarees is the most worn outfit in the Pujo, you can choose a different path. A Salwaar Suit with classic Bengoli Jewellery will make you look chic. With the number of options available, you can select a pair of Pants with a Kurti or go for a co-ord Salwaar Kurti with a contrasty Dupatta, and you know what will complete the look? A couple of Juttis.

    Words of Wisdom:

    Durgo Pujo is a very special festival for all of us not only because of all the dance, fun and delicious food but also because it is the festival of Empowerment, the victory of Good over Evil, and feeling the power of the Ma. It is the festival when Durga Ma blesses every good human with her power. So in a sense, we all are blessed to be Durga someday, or we may have proven a Durga for someone when we helped a disabled cross the road, helped a beggar with the food or genuinely helped our friend find a job, helped our friend choose an outfit for the perfect day. Here we are helping you select an outfit and wish Durga Ma bless us all.

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