Kaftan: Style it your way

    Do you remember opening the closet and knowing exactly what you are going to wear without screeching about “I have nothing to wear''? We neither. But it is not for long. This one masterpiece is here to change your styling game and for good for sure. It is Kaftan. This piece is so versatile that you can style it your way. Wanna know how? Keep reading.

    Brunch Date:

    Be it your bumble date or meeting your girls for brunch, a floral print and comfortable dress is all you need. Putting on a Kaftan with a belt will give you a structured look and it is definitely comfortable. For accessories, you can go for a bohemian look with silver jewelry and a bohemian bag, and girl! All eyes are on you.

    Beach Wear:

    As much as we all love swimming on the beach, we love sitting around the beach in the sun is another best thing to do on the beach. Swimming in a bikini is fine but lying down near the beach might make you uncomfortable. Wear a kaftan dress of your preferred size and enjoy the marvelous view of the sunset without worrying about some peek-a-boo actions.

    Club Night: 

    We all love some martinis with our girl gang. Wearing a short Kaftan dress with high heels and the right kind of makeup can actually enhance your look as nothing can. And the comfortability of this outfit is only going to be the cherry on the cake.

    Meeting In-laws:

    We all have days when we plan to meet our extended family. The same kaftan dress can be styled with matching leggings and the right pair of footwear. You are good to go.

    Shop it out: 

    While shopping around the city, comfortable clothes have to be the most important factor you need to consider. Tank Top, with your most comfortable jeans, your regular flip flops, and Kaftan. Adding Kaftan to the outfit will add extra magic to the vibe and it will be basic but more than basic, and we girls love that.

    Sleep in Fashion:

    After the entire working day, the nighttime routine is something that we do for ourselves. From washing our faces to going to bed with our favorite night suit, it is an act of Self-Love, and a Kaftan night suit is the best night suit you've ever owned. If you don’t trust us, try for yourself. They are breathable, and no elastic around the waist is the best feeling. TIA!

    Conclusive Words:

    In a world full of fast fashion and uncomfortable clothing, Kaftan is a breath of fresh air. Investing in such clothing is not only good for the pocket but also good for the environment. And if you are willing to shop from us you are also supporting women entrepreneur-based small businesses made in India. Visit our website to explore a bunch of the varieties in Kaftan and other super cool and comfortable clothes and fabrics as you like them. 

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