Crop Top Chronicles by Gitanjali Sehgal- The Saffron Saga

    Didn’t we all fall in love with the young vivacious Bobby with her polka dotted crop-top and enchanting smile with some batter from pakodas dotting her forehead!

    The roaring 70’s in our country saw the fashionista’s rocking the trend of this adorable versatile piece of clothing which was something like half of a shirt or a pretty blouse. The knotted look in front added on to the glamour.

    Many believe maybe crop-tops came about being at the time of the World War II when there were shortages of many things including fabric, so people then came up with this idea of a short blouse being paired with a high skirt. The look was chic, new and loved by all.

    Baring the midriff, showing off one’s navel was a bold move in many cultures. With the coming of age of calisthenics and aerobics, outfits with the crop-top paired with tights became the norm. Madonna looked amazing in her video for Lucky Star. Divas right from Sharmila Tagore to Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have all carried of the crop top with élan.

    The east had some women wearing such a garment while belly dancing. The Indian subcontinent with the love for sarees had these crop-tops as an integral part of dressing in the form of a saree blouse covered with the pallu on top.

    The Saffron Saga has endeavored to indulge all the wonderful women of today by bringing forth an exquisite semi-stitched collection of this very special and versatile garment that pairs up with just about anything; be it a pretty saree, a pair of jeans, a voluminous skirt, leotards, palazzos or even zany shorts.

    Casting a spell with unique, one of a kind designer dream in rich cotton-silk and handloom cotton in a range of colours that tempt one to pair them with contrasting colours, these crop tops can fit a gamut of sizes ranging from small to XXL. The handcrafted block prints, gota work, embroidery, yolks, hand painted abstracts as points of focus on these make them an absolute must in one’s wardrobe. The reds, pinks, turquoise, sage-greens, lemons, beiges, indigoes and the ever so stunning black weave out a kaleidoscope of colours.

    Cuts from the dainty princess, boat necks, ruffles to the royal angharakha and fabrics from mangalgiri, to the mesmerising reversible Kutch batik, bafta silk, bagh prints, linen, zig-zag chevrons and khadi beckon out loud.

    This evergreen fashion statement brings comfort, style and glamour all together in one little outfit. Cheers to the Crop-Top Chronicles!

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