Meet Nirupama Singh Sharma and Anjana Chauhan Bhamra, the founders of The Saffron Saga, who are striving to make handlooms popular and women feel empowered.

    If artisan-friendly handloom labels are what interests you, the name of The Saffron Saga would be a familiar one. That’s because they leave no stone unturned when it comes to celebrating ‘Make in India’ ethos and indigenous craftsmanship. 

    This narrative of their brand is also a story of two women striving for financial independence, and empowerment, not only for themselves but also for the artisans as well. 

    This label was created by two avid handloom enthusiasts Nirupama Singh Sharma and Anjana Bhamra. Nirupama, the Co-Founder and Creative Director at The Saffron Saga, loves working closely with weavers and artisans from across the country to create their well-appreciated collection of exquisite sarees, kaftans, suits, dresses, blouses and edgy loungewear. 

    Nirupama bid adieu to the corporate world in 2009, at a time when she had already moved up the ladder to work as a Marketing and Communications Head with a renowned telecom giant. Given family circumstances, she had to move to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The work-oriented professional that she is, staying at home wasn’t ever ideal for her after working for more than 15 in various sectors like Telecom, Media, BPO industries. After her youngest child was five, the diligent professional felt a rather restless urge to get back into the professional field. But to find a job suitable to her expertise in a place like Jabalpur was rather hard. That’s when she met Anjana, who seemed to be in the same mindset as she was, thereby laying the foundation of their The Saffron Saga partnership. Anjana, who is a go getter has been a restauranteur and a marketing ex corporate woman. 

    Fabrics and creativity has been the passion of both these women and they make sure that their passion speaks through their work.

    The project started small but they built it daily with arduous hard work, that involved taking a small loan from the bank, paying back the EMIs and no income for some time. The Saffron Saga survived several problems in the initial years but they emerged stronger.

    Cut to the present date, the label has already found a strong foothold when it comes to handloom lovers and this energetic duo continues to make it better. She and Anjana have been written about in leading news publications in the country as well. They aspires to have a for the women, of the women and by the women label that can empower and inspire underprivileged female artisans who often find it difficult to etch out a solid livelihood, all the while making handlooms as popular as they possibly can.

    They also believe strongly in “ EveryBODY is beautiful”, which has led them to create styles that are for all sizes and shapes, keeping size inclusivity in mind. They believe that every woman can look and feel beautiful in her own skin by being herself.