About Us

    The Saffron Saga is all about “Being Yourself “. It is about everyone and everything else too that makes one feel and look good unapologetically.

    You are one, you are unique. The spark in your individuality keeps you alive and that fuels us too. Constantly striving to make you feel and look good, we celebrate “Being You” by helping present oneself to the world with elan and ease and in one’s  unique style language. That's what we call fashion.

    The Saffron Saga is an odyssey to celebrate Indian artisanship too. Our team has an undying passion to work with and for, those craftsmen of the country who create magic with their hands. We celebrate and support the weavers, hand-printers and, hand-embroiders of the country. That's how we respect them and their art.

    The Saffron Saga strives to bring to you unique styles that accentuate your persona. Our fabrics are authentic. We create our apparels with block prints and weaves from across India.

    Our popular and highly appreciated Comfort  Wear collection includes Nighty, Kaftan, Pyjama Sets that are designed keeping in mind style with comfort quotient.

    Keep loving us and inspiring us our team and our artisans who strive to diligently create the most beautiful pieces for you, always!

    The Saffron Saga is about you and will remain so. Keep inspiring us always.


    Nirupama Singh Sharma, with her 18 plus years of experience in marketing, PR, sales, advertising, and HR has had never dying passion for Indian handcraft. She is a connoisseur of hand weavers, hand block prints, and other handmade products.



    Anjana Bhamra an active Rotarian and the former corporate executive has a passion for achieving her goals. She has a good 10 plus years behind her as a profession