Things every mom must know about maternity wear

    One moment, you are so happy at hearing your baby’s heartbeat, the next you are dying of lower back pain. Pregnancy, for a woman, is an emotional roller coaster where she experiences a wide range of emotions which is perfectly normal. However, there are several things to take care of to avoid complications and make sure the mom and the baby are not only safe but also enjoying their joyful journey. A mother must eat right, sleep right, and wear right. And when it comes to wearing the right, maternity wear is highly important. Want to know why? Read further. We have listed some of the top reasons why maternity wear is crucial for moms.

    1. Comfort and safety

    During pregnancy, tight clothes are a big NO. This is because a mother’s body goes through various hormonal changes that can also increase her chest and abdominal cavity. Tight clothes can cause discomfort by interfering with these physical changes and which is why maternity wear is recommended to ensure comfort and safety.

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    2. Provide support for growing baby bump

    After the first trimester, the baby starts to move for which he needs enough space. This is also the time when your baby bump starts to grow. Maternity wear is made to support moms at this crucial phase of their pregnancy and lets the baby relax too.

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    3. Lets moms flex

    Moms must keep their bodies active during pregnancy. It is recommended to indulge in some prenatal yoga for regular body movements. A comfortable and loose fabric allows moms to flex easily and thus, maternity wear makes for the right choice during pregnancy.

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    4. Allows moms to breathe

    As several bodily changes occur during pregnancy, affecting moods and emotions, moms can get exhausted and tired at times. With the right clothing and right fabric, a mom can provide her body with space and breathability. And this is where maternity wear plays a key role.

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    5. Perfect for breastfeeding

    Once you cross the 9 months of pregnancy, a new lactating phase begins which is again as challenging as pregnancy. Maternity wear are designed in such a way that they provide a proper space for comfortable breastfeeding.

    Now you know why maternity wear is so important to take care of both baby and mom, check out our website in case you are planning to buy some. And don’t forget to share your look on your Insta story and tag @thesaffronsaga!

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